Regular brainstorming sessions are held regarding the content and method of teaching, as, a part of our aim is to provide an innovative learning experience. Extensive care is taken to impart knowledge learning in a manner best suited for the child’s developmental stage. Our aim is that they touch, see, taste, hear and smell and thereby striking an interesting balance between learning and playing. We believe, each child is unique and is a bundle of talents. We just need to nurture and hone them with love and care in a seamless, happy environment to unleash their potentials.

  1. Story telling & Puppet shows
  2. Rhymes recitation
  3. Audio-Visual learning time aided by touch screen computer
  4. Drawing and colouring
  5. Painting using various objects of daily use
  6. Paper folding
  7. Abacus
  8. Puzzles
  9. Building blocks
  10. Role play activities
  11. Collage/Mask/Greeting card making
  12. Celebration of various festivals
  13. Celebration of days like colour day, mother’s day, grandparents’ day, vegetable day etc.
  14. Sand Pit
  15. Splash Pool
  16. School functions like Sports Day, Annual Day etc.