Regular brain storming sessions are held regarding the content and method of teaching, as, a part of our aim is to provide innovative learning experience. Extensive care is taken to impart knowledge learning in a manner best suited for the child’s developmental stage. Our aim is that they touch, see, taste, hear and smell and thereby striking an interesting balance between learning and playing. We believe, each child is unique and is a bundle of talents. We just need to nurture and hone them with love and care in a seamless, happy environment to unleash their potentials.


Our preschool curriculum, is designed keeping in mind how each child can learn best. Its evolution is the result of the most recent studies on child psychology, brain based research and experience of leading practitioners.

The curriculum integrates children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs. Theme based learning: Children learn better when they can make connections between what they know and the knowledge being imparted to them.


  1.  Basic Manners
  2.  Creative skills
  3.  Language skills
  4.  Personal skills
  5.  Mathematical skills
  6.  Physical Development
  7. Social skills
  8. Physiological Development