Parenting Tips

Your child's success is not only a reflection of their hard work and effort, but of your parenting skills. Staying involved, effectively communicating and modeling all the things you expect of your young person are key in helping them to do their best throughout the year.

Here are a few tips to help you make sure your child succeeds academically and developmentally in the upcoming school year.

  1. Make sure your child gets enough rest and sleep. This allows them to be their best during the school day, by increasing concentration, learning skills and problem solving. Also remind your teen that sleep and rest can help reduce pimples and facial blemishes.
  2. Stay involved and check in with your child's teacher if you have concerns. All too often parents rely on their children to relay messages to and from school staff; messages that get lost, forgotten or avoided through the day. To truly stay informed, speak directly to teachers and school staff.
  3. Ask your child about school and encourage them to talk about their school day. Open communication keeps you informed, and communicates that you care about your child's experiences. Try inquiring about a high (the best part) and low (the worst part) for each day.
  4. Don't talk negatively about your child's teacher or the school in front of the student. This tarnishes their image of school, reinforcing negative behavior and decreasing their motivation to do well.
  5. Help with or check your child's homework every night. Be accountable and ensure that your child is staying on task and completing all assignments.
  6. Encourage your child with a rewards and consequences plan. Outline incentives or rewards for good behavior. Create consequences and stick to the for negative behavior. Make sure you communicate these clearly in advance.
  7. Be sure to celebrate positives achievements, even the small ones. This motivates your student to do their best in even the smallest areas.