Rising Roots (Play Group)

Now-a-days, while both parents working, is a norm rather than exception in most urban nuclear families, child-care at home becomes an issue of major concern. A maid/ baby-sitter is an option but it does not allow you to concentrate on your work without the constant worry about whether your child is being cared for properly, has he/ she taken food, is he/ she sleeping adequately, done the home-work and primarily in NCR, is he/ she safe? Also, coming from a different background, you cannot expect your maid to share the same thoughts on child-care with you. A quality day-care relieves you of these concerns and allow your children to spend time amongst other children which helps in their wholesome development.

Yo Poppins Noida brings to you an ideal solution by providing your kids a cosy nest away from home. Staffs, well-trained in taking care of infants and young children, look after your children’s well-being in a safe, secure, clean and cheerful atmosphere under the able guidance of supervisors. At Yo Poppins, we give a lot of emphasis on outdoor learning and playing which extends to day-care facilities as well.

The major features of our day-care facilities include:

  1.  Safe,clean atmosphere and healthy surroundings
  2.  Live CCTV Camera
  3.  Hygienic, tasty and healthy provision of food served in a way to entice your little ones
  4.  Proper sanitation facilities
  5.  Dedicated, loving, understanding and patient staff
  6.  Play zone , swings or toys to help the child pass time well
  7.  Ensure that your children are healthy and fit by maintaining proper routine in terms of eating, sleeping, study and play time
  8.  Guidance in home-work completion.